IFRS 16 Webinar

IFRS 16 Webinar

About the Webinar

IFRS 16 Leases brings significant changes in accounting requirements for lease accounting, primarily for lessees. IFRS 16 replaces IAS 17 Leases and a couple of relevant interpretations.

The effective date of IFRS 16 is for annual reporting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2019.

For many companies, leases play a critical role in their business operations and the implementation of the new standard could result in changes to the policies, processes, controls and IT systems that support lease accounting and possibly lease procurement, lease administration and tax.


  • Full coverage of IFRS 16
  • Accounting requirements for lease contracts in accordance with the new standard
  • Differences in accounting treatment between old and new standards


  • CEOs / CFOs
  • Auditors, Financial Controllers, Tax Professionals
  • Financial reporting staff of large organizations and entities
  • Individuals working in Accounting & Finance Departments
  • All professionals who want to expand their knowledge in IFRSs

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