CMA Exam Fees

CMA Exam Fees

 You’ve decided to invest in your career by earning the CMA certification. While this investment involves sacrificing personal time, it also requires a significant monetary investment. You will have to pay an assortment of CMA exam fees that will cover your membership, exam, and exam preparation costs, so the following information breaks down exactly how much you need to budget to become a CMA. (All fees are presented in U.S. dollars).

– IMA Membership Fee

 The IMA membership is an annual fee you must pay while you are pursuing the CMA. Then, once you earn the CMA, you must continue to pay the IMA membership fee to keep your CMA certification active.

Membership Type








Two-Year Student


Membership is renewed annually. Join the IMA
*All first time members are also required to pay a one-time $15 application processing fee.

– CMA Entrance Fee

After becoming an IMA member, you become a CMA candidate by enrolling in the CMA program. The CMA entrance fee for the program must be paid before taking the exam and is nonrefundable. It differs by membership.

Membership Type


Professional $250.00
Academic $188.00
Student $188.00

Pay CMA Entrance Fee 

– CMA Exam Fees

After enrolling in the CMA program, you can now register for the CMA exams. You register and pay for each part separately.

Membership Type

Part 1

Part 2


Professional $415.00 $415.00 $830.00
Academic $311.00 $311.00 $622.00
Student $311.00 $311.00 $622.00

Register for the CMA Exam

1. CMA Course:

The IMA does not supply study materials to candidates who enter the CMA program. So In Heshy we Offer perfect Live_online course that help you to pass CMA Exam from the first time. Register Now 

2. Travel and Accommodation:

If you’re lucky enough to have a Prometric testing center located within driving distance of your home, this cost is minimal. But there are candidates who must travel to a faraway city or even another country to sit for the exam. The farther you travel, the more you usually have to pay for airfare, additional transportation, accommodations, and food. So, if you’re in this situation, remember to take this cost into account.

3. Annual Certification Maintenance Payments:

As long as you would like your CMA certification to remain active, you must continue to pay for the annual IMA membership is mandatory. Therefore, this fee will continue to be part of your CMA certification maintenance costs.

Is the CMA Designation Worth the CMA Exam Fees?

The road to the CMA designation may seem daunting. Though time and effort investments may be high, the actual costs are low. Earning your CMA designation unlocks a lifetime of additional earnings, professional advancement, and a connected network to thousands of other financial and management professionals. With our years of experience and exceptional results, Heshy has Perfect CMA ive online course that enable you to pass the CMA Exam from the first time. Register to attend CMA live online course 

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